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       Deray Optoelectronics is a high-tech enterprise, mainly focused in the semiconductor laser chip manufacturing, packaging and module integration. Currently we offer many different laser chip products and devices, covering several different wavelengths and optical powers. Products are widely used in communications, sensing, LIDAR, consumer electronics, medical and beautification, artificial intelligence, AR and VR industry applications. In the field of red light VCSEL and red light RCLED segment, our products have particular strength, and their performance compares favorably with international competitors, and therefore has achieved a leading position in the local market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

       So far, DERAY has developed more than 220 business partners and customers, covering Chinese mainland, Taiwan, China, UK, Japan, South Korea and European markets. We are aiming to become a champion in several niche markets. DERAY continues to focus on the semiconductor “light” field, to provide the “light” engine for each segment of application fields, and to bring new changes through disruptive innovation and development!                                                                                                                                           

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In 2023

Approved as "Nanchang Semiconductor Laser R&D and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Research Center"; Established Semiconductor Laser Engineering Center (jointly organized with Xiamen University of Technology); Member of Jiangxi Province Luminescent ;Materials Innovation Consortium; Provincial and municipal project site acceptance passed; Awarded "Jiangxi Province, the new R & D institutions" (November 7, the end of the publicity)

In 2022

National Robust Industrial Foundations Project Acceptance. Awarded Provincial SRDI Small and Medium Enterprise. Awarded Nanchang Municipal Expert Workstation. Pre-A Round of Financing Completed. Organize the Declaration of Provincial and Municipal Projects for Acceptance.

In 2021

In July, awarded Jiangxi Seed Unicorn Enterprise. In Dec, IATF 16949 Certified.

In 2020

In Dec, certified by the Three systems Intelligent production line, Taiwan Dingjie MES system put into use "Jiangxi Semiconductor Laser Engineering Research Center" was approved

In 2020

In August, selected as nanchang 2020 new infrastructure project Nanchang Science and Technology Major Project Award (2 million yuan)

In 2020

In July, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology won the bid of 10 million yuan for major scientific research projects

In 2020

In January, We have successfully signed the contract of OEM with our Taiwan customers

In 2019

In December, we successfully signed the process contract with Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Signed the commercial contract with first UK customer The single-mode 980nm laser has been taped out successfully, and the Performance Index met the project requirement of MIIT

In 2019

In September, EEL1550nm chip was launched on the market Won the bid of the Project of The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2019 industrial strong base 5G laser chip)

In 2019

In March, the first EEL1550nm chip was successfully trial-produced, VCSEL 680nm chip was launched to the market.

In 2018

In September, the first VSCEL chip was successfully trial-produced

In 2017

In December, the plant and office construction were completed, start the internal decoration of clean room and equipment installation and adjustment

In 2016

In January, start the construction of factory


In August, Jiangxi Deray Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was officially registered





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