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Together, we can move forward.| Deray 2023 Lushan Mountain Tour


Plums and orchids bloom in the spring, and the warm sunshine brings hope and joy to the people. In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the staff and enhance team cohesion and centripetal force, Deray Optoelectronics organized a two-day team building activity for all staff to go to Mount Lu in Jiujiang on March 11.

The winding mountain road could not stop the strong pace of the Deray team as we walked together and saw the mountain scenery.

Hand in hand, heart in heart, together we form it into a large, full and tense circle, firmly united.

There is no other place on earth where you can find a branch of incense. The team building activity enriched the spare time life of the staff, enhanced the cohesion of the partners, showed the tacit understanding and mutual help spirit among each other, let everyone relax in the busy work, to meet the future challenges with a more energetic spirit. Together, we can move forward.

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