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Deray successfully delivered semi-automatic BAR high-precision testing machine


Recently, Deray successfully delivered semi-automatic BAR high-precision testing machine to the cusmtomer, The device is a fully self developed, functional module configurable, integrated laser diode test device. The main objective is to achieve a comprehensive, accurate and rapid detection and analysis of the key technical parameters of the laser diode. Under CW or QCW power supply, the optical power, electrical, wavelength, FFP (Far-field divergence angle pattern) characteristics are automatically tested on the temperature-controlled workbench, and the test results are output and the products are judged to be qualified or not.

The equipment adopts the idea of automatic design and is equipped with the industrial vision system, which can automatically complete the position correction, classification, identification and positioning of BAR, form the MAPPING, realize automatic testing, and match the test results with the MAPPING to achieve accurate positioning and traceability. The device has the characteristics of fast test, high precision and good consistency, and the maximum scanning speed of LIV is 5ms/Point. The difference of measurement data consistency is less than 2% .

The device adopts modular design and can be configured as required. In full function test, the fastest average test rate of semi-automatic equipment can reach 11s/ piece (including manual loading and unloading time), and the fastest average test rate of fully automatic equipment can reach 13s/ piece (including automatic loading and unloading). A skilled tester can operate several test equipments for mass production.

Jiangxi Deray Photoelectric Technology Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech company which integrating research, production and sales specialized in manufacturing semi-conductor laser chips, application development and test equipment, the company's core technical teams are from well-known enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad related to the authority of experts, with technology in the field of semi-conductor laser leading innovation r & D advantages, strong technical strength.

We are also the jiangxi Province "semiconductor Laser Engineering Research Center", relying on this, we fully accept customers chip testing services, testing and aging equipment customized development business.

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