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Intelligent Security
Camera infrared night vision fill light, realizing HD imaging, more uniform spots, longer lifetime, lower energy consumption, intruder-prevention detection, etc.
Smart Home
It can be used for intelligent door lock, faucet, toilet, sweeping robot, air conditioning, elevator door, auto-induction, lighting control, etc.
3D Face Recognition
It can be used in the field of consumer electronics, with structured light TOF and other algorithms to realize 3D face recognition / fingerprint unlocking and human-computer interaction control.
Night Monitoring
It can be used for infrared laser lighting, with the gun, ball machine and other monitoring systems to achieve night vision lighting.
Traffic Monitoring
Vehicle license plate recognition, road traffic flow and pedestrian flow monitoring, Anti collision system for turnstile gate, tunnel and bridge, Port, wharf and dam monitoring.
Optical Communication
Short distance transmission rate 1-25Gbps, suitable for access network and data center.
Vehicle - mounted System
Car lidar, night vision system, driver fatig driving alarm , car all-around anti-coliciorn system, ADAS car auxiliary driving and etc.
Laser Scanning
Product two-dimensional code, bar code scanning recognition, self payment.
Laser Medicine
Laser cosmetology, endoscope lighting, laser physiotherapy instrument, laser surgery positioning, amblyopia lighting.
In 2021
In July 2021, the company was granted the title of "Seed unicorn Enterprise" in Jiangxi Province
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