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Wafer-level VCSEL Chip Probe Tester (WVCPT)
Release time:2019-05-30 19:23


WVCPT is a test equipment which is used to probe VCSEL chip performance on wafer level. The facility can allow users to acquire the major parameters of VCSEL chips including LIV characteristics as well as near and far fields, spectrum etc. It is also capable of finding out main parameters such as operation current (Io), output power (Po), threshold current (Ith), slope efficiency (SE), serious resistance (Rs), central wavelength (λc) as well as spectrum linewidth (Δλ), and automatically produce a test report. WVCPT can also be used for transmission line method (TLM) measurements to achieve multi-purpose use.
-Functional module design and on-demand customization
-Manual control, probing an individual chip to perform test, easy to load and unload
-Two-line/four-line measurement set-up
-High accuracy of measurement and reliable performance
-Automatic execution of whole wafer testing process, produce a test report
It is suitable for probing VCSEL individual chip performance on wafer level.