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BAR Tester of Semiconductor Laser Chip
Release time:2019-05-30 19:09

BAR Tester is a test equipment which is used to measure chip performance on bar level. The facility can allow users to acquire the major parameters of the laser chips including LIV characteristics, spectrum, far-field divergence angle etc. It is also capable of finding out main parameters such as operation current (Io), output power (Po), slope efficiency (SE), serious resistance (Rs), threshold current (Ith), central wavelength (λc), spectrum line width (Δλ), kink current (Ikink), kink power (Pkink), root mean square (RMS) as well as side mode suppression ratio (SMSR).
-Functional module design and on-demand customization
-Manual feeding, semi-automatic design, automatic correction and easy to load and unload
-Two-line/four-line measurement
-High accuracy of measurement and reliable performance
-Auxiliary vision function with microscopy
-Automatic execution of BAR testing process, produce a test report
It is designed for testing of chips on bar level.